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1. 利用規約の同意について

このHAIKU & WALK WEBサイト(https://iyo-haikuwalk.jp/)(以下「当サイト」といいます)は、株式会社伊予銀行(以下「当行」といいます)が運営・提供しています。

1. Agreement to Terms of Use

This "HAIKU & WALK website (https://iyo-haikuwalk.jp/)" (hereinafter referred to as "our site") is operated and provided by The Iyo Bank, Ltd. hereinafter referred to as "Iyo Bank", "we", or similar refer).
Before using our site, carefully read and agree to the terms of use specified below. Please refrain from the use if you cannot agree to the terms We assume that, by using the website, you have agreed to all of the terms and conditions below.

2. 免責事項


2. Disclaimers

Iyo Bank is making every effort to ensure that the information included on the HAIKU & WALK website is appropriate and accurate. However, Iyo Bank is not liable for any damage arising out of your use of this website, except to the extent such damage caused by gross negligence or wilful misconduct on the part of Iyo Bank. The same shall apply hereinafter.
All users are asked to use the HAIKU & WALK website at their own responsibility.
We may change, suspend or delete the services of the website without prior notice. We are not responsible for any damage caused by these reasons.

3. 著作権等と商標等


3. Copyrights and Trademarks

All content on this website (e.g. pictures, illustrations, designs of characters, animations, text, music, programs and data) is owned or controlled by Iyo Bank or third parties who authorize us for use.
Therefore, secondary uses (including but not limited to reproduction, adaptation, translation, modification, on-screen presentation, distribution, sale, transmission to the public, reprinting) without our permission are prohibited.
Trademarks (including but not limited to logos, service marks) posted on this website is owned by us or third parties who authorize us for use.
Therefore, it is prohibited to use such Trademarks without our permission.

4. JavaScriptについて


4. About JavaScript

Some contents of HAIKU & WALK website are created using JavaScript. Your browser is usually JavaScript-enabled by default. We recommend a JavaScript-enabled browser for viewing all the contents of HAIKU & WALK website.

5. 閲覧情報の収集

※1 Cookie(クッキー)とは

5. Collection of data

So that our customers can use HAIKU & WALK website with greater ease, we use Cookies*1 to collect and store their stamp rally data.
*1 Cookies
A technology used to identify a user’s computer. The Help button on the tool-bar of almost all browsers explains how to refuse the registration of new Cookies, how to switch off the Cookie function, and can also be used to alert you to a new Cookie.